The Dog Peed on My Sleeping Bag

We had about a nine hour car ride yesterday; which was a new experience for Duke. We stopped several times and tried to get him to pee…but nothing.

Fast forward to bedtime. We are all struggling to get into our sleeping bags because it’s really cold. And I do mean struggling. It’s not easy for two fluffy people to maneuver into a sleeping bag in a confined space. At the peak of this frustration is when Duke decides to squat and pee on my sleeping bag.

I tried really hard to not get angry but if you had witnessed the heaving and contortions it took to get in my bag to begin with, you would understand why I lost my mind! It’s not like we didn’t give him ample opportunity to use the bathroom before going to bed. He just refused.

Now I had to struggle to get back out and clean up the mess. Did I mention it was freezing???

The moral to this story? My dog is an asshole!

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