My family is new to backpacking and we have multitude of big dreams! Our first “to do” on the bucket list is a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. As newbies with very little experience and lots of obstacles in our way to overcome it is going to be a gigantic undertaking before we even hit the trail. My hope is that the stories I share here will inspire others to seek out that impossible dream they keep denying themselves.

If I’m being honest, I’m not a blogger. I started this as a way to document the trials and tribulations of two middle aged, slightly fluffy, super out of shape adults trying to make their dream a reality. I am a registered nurse at a local hospital and my husband is currently a stay at home “Papa” to our 4 year old, super smart, energy filled grandson.

We have given ourselves 3 years. We have to use that time to get our finances to a point where I can quit my job for the 6 to 7 month hike, make sure that our grandson will be able to handle to rigors of the trail, and we have to prepare Duke our 7 month old lab mix puppy. So, join me on this journey. Hopefully, you will get some encouragement and inspiration along with a few laughs.