The Reasons Why

When I tell people our plan, sometimes I am met with encouragement and excitement. Other times, I am told we aren’t leaving, and we’re crazy. But no matter the initial reaction, everyone always wants to know “why”? Why would anyone want to walk from Georgia to Maine? Why would anyone want to leave the comfort of their home, be dirty, smelly, and poop in the woods?

I would like to tell you that I have big plans for some spiritually transforming journey, and it may very well turn out to be exactly that. But that isn’t what it’s about for me. It’s about travel, seeing all the beautiful things this country has to offer. Places, vistas, and sunrises that I can’t see from a car or a weekend trip.

There are other things of course. I hope to gain some cardiovascular fitness and lose a little weight. I do hope to prove that I can do it. Although, anything I have wanted, which was a challenge has always been achievable to me. I’m hardheaded that way.

Life is finite. We only get a certain amount of time, and I want to fit as much adventure into it as I possibly can. I don’t want to spend it surrounded by four walls and a pile of bills on a desk.

Jason is doing it for some of the same reasons; however, he is also looking for a sense of accomplishment. He wants to be able to say, “Hey, I did that.” There is also a need to get out of the daily drudgery of existing and embrace fully living.

Mostly, I think we both have decided we want to spend our time and money on accumulating experiences instead of stuff.

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