Ready or Not Here We Come!

It’s 7am…on my day off. I am awoken to my 40 something-year-old husband as he pounces (yes, pounces) on the bed like a kid on Christmas morning. I try to ignore him, but he starts poking, prodding and tickling me. I’m tired and just want a few more minutes of sleep. It wasn’t going to happen though, he brought out the big guns and turned on the bedroom light. I turned into Gizmo…but it worked. I got up.

At least he was nice enough to cook breakfast! We get ready to go, I unpack and re-pack my backpack as there are a few things I forgot the first time. I don’t think I did too bad of a job

It wasn’t too bad getting here. Atlanta was a beast though!

First view of the mountains

We got to the campsite just as it was getting dark and had to rush to set everything up. We ate dinner in the dark. Did I mention it’s freezing.

Eli loved roasted marshmallows and we all loved the fire. I would write more but its freezing and I need to snuggle down into my sleeping bag.

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